Carercard Costs & Fees

Hestian has designed Carercard from our extensive and first-hand experience of organising care, for our own loved ones.

Currently, there is no subscription charge for the first three months after card creation. Try Carercard for three months and see the benefits for yourself. Then you can continue using and pay a monthly subscription or stop. It’s as easy as that.
After three months, a subscription of £7 per month is charged from the card balance. This covers card transactions and general card usage, with a few exceptions (see below).

Carercard costs and fees

Set Up and Membership
Initial Set up and delivery of Carercards and informationFree
Monthly (charged to Prime Account)£7 (after 3 months’ free subscription)
Card Loading
Direct loading is free from a bank transferFree
Online loading fee, if from a debit card0.45% of the load value + £0.18
Online loading fee, if from a credit card1.30% of the load value
Domestic ATM (in UK)£0.80
International ATM1% plus a fixed charge of £1.10
Point of Sale Transactions
Domestic Transactions in UKFree
International Transactions0.60% of transaction value + £0.50
Fee if using foreign currency exchange3.00%
Administrative Fees
If a Transaction is declined or returned£0.09
If an ATM balance enquiry is declined£0.09
If an ATM PIN change request is declined£0.09
Administration fee for Chargeback processing£20