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Prepaid Card to help with Learning Disabilities

Welcome to Carercard. Carercard is a prepaid card programme, designed especially for those organising care or needing support, whatever their age or circumstance.

For someone with learning disabilities, it’s one way of making shopping a little easier and supporting independence.

You’re welcome to discuss with us how it can work for you. You’re welcome to apply


The benefits for you

No need for cash, only spend what’s on the card, and you can track spending whenever you want.

Greater security of money handling compared to cash, or using a borrowed card

Ease of use of the card for online and shopping in stores

Ability to view the card balance and spend (online), with reports available on transactions

Use Carercard safely and easily – free subscription for first three months.

Carercard has many benefits for someone who wants a little help with shopping, and a secure and easy means of payment.

Try Carercard for three months and see the benefits for yourself. Then you can continue using and pay a monthly subscription or stop. It is as easy as that.
After three months, a subscription of £7 per month is charged from the card balance. This covers card transactions and general card usage, with a few exceptions.

The fees are described in full, with our Privacy Policy, in our Hestian Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

You can cancel Carercard at any time, with no penalty. See our Hestian Terms of Service

How it works (simply)

Step One

You apply for the cards via this website. Simply complete the forms.
Apply Now

Step Two

We send you the cards and all the information about how to activate and how to use.

Step Three

You load up funds onto the card for shopping, and top up as needed or on a planned basis.

Step Four

We provide you with any time online access to reporting on card balance and spend.