User Guide

Welcome to Carercard from Hestian, the prepaid card designed especially as a payment solution for care.

Thank you for choosing Carercard. We hope you find it very useful for paying for groceries and housekeeping, and believe you will discover there are many benefits, such as:

  • Greater security of money handling compared to cash, or using a borrowed card

  • Many fewer issues related to housekeeping spend, and risk of forgotten housekeeping requests

  • Ease of use of the card for online and shopping in stores

  • Ability to view the card balance and spend (online), with reports available on transactions

This Carercard user guide has five sections:

We anticipate that Carercard will be used mainly by carers, as it was developed to fill a gap for that purpose. This user guide has therefore been written particularly with carers in mind. We would encourage all cardholders to read it as well, to become familiar with the way Carercard works and how to make best use of it.

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