2. Activating Carercard and online account access

Step 1 – Activate your Carercard and get your PIN number 

Each card issued arrives with a personalised letter carrying the card. If you haven’t seen this, or in case of any uncertainty, call Hestian on 0800 808 5491. You can also email us at [email protected] if you need help with non-urgent queries.

To start using, activate your Carercard by calling our automated IVR helpline on 0203 327 1991 (for English, then press #1). Have ready the card delivered with the letter, as you will be asked to enter the 16-digit long number on the front of your Carercard and also your date of birth in this sequence (DDMMYY). Once you have entered this information correctly, your Carercard will be activated and your own PIN for this card will be revealed, by means of an automated read out, for your record. Your Carercard is then ready for use.

Please keep your Carercard PIN safe and do not share it with anyone. It is needed when shopping and spending more than the £45 contactless limit in store.

When you use your card for the first time in store, it needs to be a ‘Chip & PIN’ transaction, using your PIN. After that, the card can be used contactless, if the purchase is under £45.

If your card is lost or stolen, you must contact us immediately on 0800 808 5491. During office hours 09:00am-5:00pm (Monday to Friday) you will be put through to a customer service agent so that we can take the urgent action to help prevent fraudulent use of your card and arrange a replacement to be sent.

Outside of these hours you have two options. You can use our customer control portal at https://clients.prepaidfinancialservices.com/carercard/ if you have already registered to use the website and then use the onscreen function to block a specific card. Alternatively, for reporting a lost or stolen card, call our Interactive Voice IVR (24 hour) on 0203 327 1991.

Step 2 – Setting up your online account access

Online account access means that card holders can visit and use our website.

All card holders can check the balance on the cards, view transactions, download a statement, and access information such as our frequently asked questions (FAQs), and the Terms and Conditions related to your card. They can also review any transaction fees not covered by the monthly service.

The client card holder can manage payments onto Carercard, transfer funds from their own card to other Carercard cards on their account, and set up standing orders and direct debits.

To set-up your access to our customer control portal for Carercard, please use the instructions below:

To log in for the first time

Please visit the portal here

First click “I do not have a username/password“ at the bottom of the login box
Enter the long 16 digit Card Number from your card and click “Submit”
Enter your Date of Birth on the web page, and click “Submit”
You will now be requested to set up your own three access controls: a username, a password and security question(s) – and keep these safely
You can now log in with your chosen username and password
Your portal access will always require your username and password